taking a break
I just wanted to put up a quick post letting you guys know that there won’t be any new content on here for two weeks. I’m travelling to Poland (so excited!) and I’m not taking my laptop with me as I doubt I’ll have much access to wifi.

I wanted to schedule posts to go up while I was away, but I was sick the whole of last week and I’ve tried in the last few days, but I found myself rushing the posts and they came out less than great. So I’d rather have no new content for a few weeks than put up average content for content’s sake. Quality over quantity. Always.

So I’m really sorry about the little content drought, but I also think it will be good for me to have a few weeks away from the blog. It always leads to me being a lot more excited to get back to work! And I’ll have all this amazing new content to put up from Poland.

So please bear with, and as always, thank you for your ongoing support x


everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniforming
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniform
everyday winter outfit uniformAs a fashion blogger, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to style my clothes so I can keep creating fresh content. But even when the camera’s not on, fashion is one of my biggest passions. I love styling myself on a daily basis! Sometimes though, to be completely honest, I just can’t be arsed to put any effort into my appearance. On those days, I turn to my winter uniform.

The idea of having a uniform is not a new one. Minimalists have been doing it for as long as minimalism has been a thing, and it’s gained popularity with articles like 8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day and The Science of Simplicity: Why Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day. As you might have gathered, the basic idea is that you wear the same thing every single day. Just like *drum roll* a uniform! Clever, right? For example, Steve Jobs wore turtlenecks, jeans, and sneakers. Mark Zuckerberg wears jeans and a hoodie. Barack Obama wears navy or grey suits.
everyday winter outfit uniformUniforms are becoming increasingly popular with busy and successful people, because it pares down your decision making. When you’re running a company or country, or making a movie, you have more important things to worry about than your wardrobe. Because Christopher Nolan wakes up already knowing what he’s going to wear that day, he has an extra 10 minutes to think about his new screenplay. Having a uniform eliminates the “what should I wear today” time suck, as well as any outfit stress for the rest of the day, because you know you’re wearing something that you look and feel good in.
everyday winter outfit uniform
But. Here comes the problem. For the fashion lovers among us, wearing the same thing every day seems a little… Well… Boring. I love waking up and opening my wardrobe to hundreds of possibilities. I love combining my clothes in new ways. So as much as I think the idea of a uniform is really smart, I’d hate to stifle my creativity in that way. But as I mentioned, some days I just really can’t be bothered. On days when I’m not feeling my best or I’m running late, I do tend to wear a “uniform”. For me, during winter, that’s jeans, a comfy jumper, a leather jacket, and my trusty chelsea boots. It’s nowhere near as restrictive as Chris Nolan or Steve Jobs’ uniforms, but it is something I can throw on with no thought and I know that I’ll be comfortable all day, while still looking reasonably okay.

So here’s what I’d suggest. If you love clothes as much as me, it’ll probably kill you to wear the same outfit every day. But it would also be nice to have one less decision to make on your stressy days, right? Think about the outfit combinations you wear most often. Are you a jeans and jumper girl? Do you rock flats and minis like Alexa Chung? Find a clothing combination you feel bomb af in, and make that the first thing you reach for on days when you have nothing to wear. It doesn’t have to be just one outfit, but a few variations of the same style that makes you feel safe and stylish. (Bonus points if it’s an outfit you don’t have to shave to wear.) So for me, I have two pairs of jeans and a couple of jumpers that I can swap out to change up this outfit. For you, it might mean having a great pair of flats that goes with everything, and a few a-line skirts in different colours and fabrics. You don’t have to wear it every day, but it will make your blah days hella easier.
everyday winter outfit uniform

My uniform details

Jacket: I actually don’t remember! (similar)
Jumper: Kelso @ Edgars (similar)
Jeans: H&M (similar)
Shoes: Cotton On (similar)

What do you think about the uniform phenomenon? What would your signature uniform be? Let me know in the comments!


The lovely Sarah from ItsSarahAnn recently nominated me for the 7 Days of Nature Photography Challenge – a blogger tag I’d never seen before, but seemed right up my street. Well… when I say recently, I mean it was almost two months ago… I’m in desperate need of an editorial calendar. *Cough*.

The basic idea of the challenge is that you take a photo every day for seven days. To be honest, I was SO relieved when I saw that Sarah had cheated, because I figured it meant I could cheat too (that’s the rule, right?). What follows is pictures taken on seven different days, but not consecutive ones. I like my fair bit of nature, but seven straight days seemed like a bit too much sunshine and fresh air for me. Personally, I think the challenge worked out better for me to do it this way, because you now get pictures from four different places!

Day 1:

dust storm warmwaterberg spa nature photography
hail and rain on car bonnet nature photography
My first pictures from our overnight stay at Warmwaterberg Spa last December. It’s a lovely place just outside of Barrydale. The top picture is from a crazy, boiling hot dust storm we had in the afternoon, and the next picture is from the hail storm that started literally about ten minutes later! It was officially crazy weather.

Day 2:

stellenbosch history museum nature photography
A few days after Barrydale my sisters and I spent the day in Stellenbosch, and visited the Stellenbosch Museum. This was taken in one of its courtyards. It’s a really interesting place, and quite inexpensive, so I’d definitely recommend a visit. Even if you don’t visit the museum, Stellies is definitely a good place to visit just for the stunning scenery!

Day 3:

kini bay algae nature photography
My now-boyfriend and I had a picnic in Kini Bay last year, a really cute beach in Port Elizabeth. It’s a bit more rocky and shelly (totally a word) than sandy, and in the shallows I found this patch of amazing green algae.

Day 4:

port elizabeth pier nature photography
A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were having breakfast at the beachfront Angelo’s when I decided to snap a few quick pictures of the pier from our table. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of Port Elizabeth and one of my favourite places, thanks in no small part to all the delicious food that can be found within viewing distance of it 😉 I know the pier isn’t technically nature, but the beach around it is beautiful.

Day 5:

hogsback frost pinecones nature photography
I was in Hogsback this past weekend and while we arrived too late to see any real snow, there was a little bit of frost left over. I got what are probably some of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken! I just love how warm and cosy this picture feels, despite the ice. The combination of pine cones, twigs, and frost make me think of my dream rustic white Christmas!

Day 6:

cape town beach nature photography
cape town stormy beach nature photography
When I visited Cape Town in January, one day I made the great trek from the Waterfront all the way along the coast to Camps Bay. It’s a beautiful walk, and I really recommend it. It’s about 10km and takes roughly 2 hours. My only problem was getting to Camps Bay – exhausted – and not being able to find a single can of Coke to get my blood sugar up! I eventually settled on a Fanta Pineapple which was a delicious blast from the past. Ramble over.

The first picture is taken through the hole in an artwork quite near the beginning of the route. It’s called Morphous, by Lionel Smit, and is two women’s heads joined together. It’s less creepy than it sounds. Cape Town – like Port Elizabeth – can get very windy, and the second picture was taken at a particularly windy moment, when the sea was getting choppy.

Day 7:

ducks in company gardens nature photography
ducks in company gardens nature photography
Lastly, some pictures from another day when I adventured around Cape Town, this time on a Red Bus. If you’ve never been on the Red Bus Tour I highly recommend it. I think it’s quite good value for money, but definitely get the 2 day pass! One day just isn’t enough to do everything. Next time I take a proper holiday to Cape Town I’m so keen to go again so I can do everything I missed. Let me know if you’d like to read a more in depth post about the Red Bus Tour!

My pictures of the adorable ducks (SO fluffy!) were taken when I stopped at the Company Gardens and wandered through. It’s a beautiful place filled with super sweet birds and stunning flowers.

7 Days of Nature Nominees:

Gabriella from Luna Life Magazine. She recently posted about her newfound love of photography so I think she’d enjoy this. She’s also from Port Elizabeth, and I love seeing PE through the eyes of others!
Bee from Queen Beady because I LOVE her travel and nature shots and I want more.
And just anyone who wants to do it!

What do you think of my pictures? Do you enjoy taking pictures of nature? Drop me a comment if you do this tag. I’d love to see!




Confession time: I am such a basic white girl. I feel no shame. And as we all know, at the moment there is one shoe prized above all others in every basic white girls wardrobe: Adidas Superstars. Sadly, I have yet to invest in a pair of these beauties (Adidas, why oh why do you only make them in leather??), but I do lust after them every time I see a picture on Instagram. Which is sort of how I ended up getting an amazing parcel of goodies from Adidas themselves.

About a month ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that Woolworths had regrammed a picture of someone wearing their ripped jeans. While the jeans were beautiful, I was more heart-eyed over the all white Adidas Superstars the person was wearing. Someone else had commented on the picture asking where the shoes were from, and being the kind person that I am (lol) I told them what they were and where you could get them. The next morning, I woke up to this:free stuff adidasI was absolutely blown away by the fact that they wanted to send me something just to thank me for being helpful! I was even more blown away when my parcel arrived. I was expecting something smallish. Maybe a bag, or a hat. Not an enormous box!

I quickly sliced open all of the tape and opened the box to see…

All of my new Adidas goodies!

adidas hamperI couldn’t find any of the items they sent me on their website, so I’ve linked to the most similar.

Pink cap:
pink adidas cap
Black backpack:black adidas backpackAnkle socks and towel:
adidas towel and socksI honestly feel so spoiled, and I want to say a huge thank you to Adidas for their generosity. The backpack is perfect for a beach day, or packing supplies for a hike. The towel is unbelievably soft, and I feel like it’ll be really cosy when I get out the pool. And I’m so happy to finally have a cap for running! I’m really bad at looking after my skin, and never wear hats to protect it, but now that I have such a cute one, there’s no excuse!

The moral of the story is, it really pays to help people out. It took me under a minute to reply to that girl’s comment, and I got such an amazing reward for it. While you might not get a hamper from Adidas every time you help someone, you will make the world better. Read my Random Acts of Kindness post for more ideas to help others.

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making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classy
making boyfriend jeans classyI’m back! Those of you who are at uni or went to uni are probably familiar with the weeks leading up to exams being synonymous with hell. On top of telling you to start prepping for exams, ALL the lecturers decide to make ALL the assignments due, so for the past few weeks I’ve been going a bit crazy and slacking a bit with blogging. I’m a full time student working part time and trying to blog full time so I think it’s understandable that sometimes it all gets a bit much? But now I’m on holiday and I’ve got loads of time to take pictures, write posts, and upload videos and I can’t wait to bombard you all with amazing content. Starting with this outfit based around my trusty boyfriend jeans.

Now, while skinnies, flares, and straight legs are all becoming more acceptable as semi-formal wear, boyfriend jeans are still thought of as very casual, so I thought it might be a nice challenge to dress them up a bit. Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate lazy day staple, because they’re roomy, and breezy, and look totally model off duty chic, but now that you can make them classy too, what are you actually doing if you don’t have a pair in your wardrobe?

If you’re trying to class your boyfriend jeans up a bit, I’d stay away from any that are faded or severely distressed. Dark washes are always good when you’re trying to dress up jeans, but any rips on those become very obvious, so try to go for ones that have minimal distressing. There’s something about white denim that looks amazingly crisp and chic, so I’d definitely recommend investing in a pair of white boyfriend jeans if you want to dress them up a little (obvs not just saying that because I have white boyfriend jeans. *cough*).

Cold shoulder tops are huge right now, and I’m so happy I finally got one. This one also has flared sleeves – another huge trend at the moment. If you read my Flats-spo post, you’ll know that I’ve got really into flats lately, and I think these navy loafers are absolutely gorgeous. The gold detailing gives them a really luxe feel (when in reality they cost R120 – about $8/£5) as well as tying in nicely with my jewellery. A monochrome colour palette gives off a really effortlessly chic vibe, so it’s definitely a good idea if you want to make any outfit look nicer and more expensive. As much as I love black, I find that black and white can sometimes be a little harsh, so I’ve found myself  frequently going heart-eyed over white and navy combos lately. I’ve also been slightly obsessing over black and navy, so I accessorised with my black Zara cross body bag.
making boyfriend jeans classy

Totally blue steeling it.
making boyfriend jeans classy

Feeling pirat-y af.


Jeans: Mr Price (similar)
Shirt:Legit (similar)
Shoes: Mr Price
Bag: Zara (similar)
Necklaces: Lovisa (similar)

What do you think of my outfit? Do you think I succeeded in making my boyfriend jeans look classy? Let me know in the comments!