Months ago I asked if you’d be interested in hearing about my favourite photo props, and a lot of you seemed keen, so here it finally is! One of my favourite parts of blogging is finding new props and styling my photos. It’s a wonder it’s taken me this long to talk about it! I’ve put a list together with 20 of my most-used props, and as I think of more I’ll save them in a draft, so hopefully there’ll be a part two before long.

1. Flowers – real or fake
2. Tea and coffee – tea boxes and coffee beans tend to be very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, if you tag the brand on Instagram they’ll often repost your photo for more exposure!
3. Magazines – these add more of a lifestyle feel to fashion or beauty shots

top 5 winter essentials and blog photo props

4. Candles – instantly cosy up any post
5. Stationary – pretty notebooks and diaries tell people that you are very busy and important, but still appreciate things that are hella cute
6. Art supplies – also tell the world you’re a #girlboss, but in a more creative, folksy way. Messy watercolours are the most photogenic things ever!
7. Makeup brushes – these can be the focal point of the picture, or just throw them next to your breakfast to add to the story of your morning
8. Makeup – same story. I want to know what magic lipstick you’re wearing today, that can withstand the power of that amazingly greasy burger
9. Books – show some love to your favourite author bloggers, or prove that you can be a social media maven and an ~intellectual~ with some beautifully worn classics

5 great ways to de-stress and blog photo props

10. Fairy lights – nuff said
11. Coffee mugs – bonus: you have something to sip while you’re shooting
12. Jewellery – delicate chains or rings add a bit of subtle luxury. If you’re into bookish jewellery, try my Etsy shop
13. Scraps of ribbon or lace – perfect for that dreamy, bohemian feel
14. Plants – succulents are a bloggers best friend, but you can also try shooting products through the leaves of a plant for a little something different
15. Scrabble tiles – obviously these can be used to spell things out, but they also look good just scattered around
16. Sunglasses – want to look like the ultimate boss babe? Toss a pair of sunglasses on top of a notebook and call it a day. Bonus points if they’re pink, lilac, or reflective
17. Cute prints – it’s great to support small business like Etsy shops, if you can. If money is a little tight, you can always print out some pretty stock photos and stick them onto card to make them more durable. I don’t have any prints on my shop yet, but I do have some hand-painted watercolour bookmarks!

stocking stuffers under R100 blog props

18. Even more nature! – I’ve mentioned flowers and plants, but pine cones and golden or red leaves are my favourite props for cosy autumn/winter inspired pictures
19. Cute boxes – not only are these pretty, they also have a functional element. Nestle things inside or stack things on top to add dimension to pictures
20. Shoes – a pair of shoes poking into the corner of a picture can completely change it’s mood. Sneakers look chill; cute flats look classy and ladylike; stilettos look luxe.

Do you have any other props you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments! I’m thinking of turning this into a little series with tips for Instagram and blogging, so keep an eye out for a post on backdrop suggestions!



  1. July 15, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    A cohesive and smartly written blog post, I love your wit too, it made reading it really fun. You came up with so many great ideas, I can’t wait to pinch a few! I would never think to use scrabble pieces but it works so well in the photo you shared, maybe you could also try out playing cards, to reflect a whimsical feel. Also I can’t wait for autumn, there are so many things in nature to use that time of year. 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Kelly Hoggons
      August 8, 2017 / 8:59 am

      Ooh I haven’t thought of playing cards, but that could look really fun! I’m not sure if you know the youtuber/photographer Peter McKinnon? He sometimes places playing cards against his camera lens as a framing device, and it looks so cool!

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