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Meet my baby!

black cat
Now that I’ve caught your attention with a cute cat… (who really is my baby. Say hello to Vader. Isn’t he gorgeous?)

This is me

coco chanel inspired

Hi *waves*

I’m Kelly, a 19 year old lifestyle blogger and aspiring writer and photographer with a love of faux fur and a lipstick addiction.

I’m from South Africa and this blog is a place to feature my personal style, my travels, my photography, and my love of all things beautiful. Aside from fashion, I love the arts, and book and film reviews will be a regular feature. To top things off, there’ll be some personal posts, and my thoughts on pressing issues. If you’re a super nerd who loves fashion, this blog is for you!

I started blogging because I loved reading blogs, and writing is a huge passion of mine. I have a unique and quirky sense of style, so I feel like that – combined with the writing skills I’ve acquired – allows me to bring something different to the blogging community. My focus will always be on creating the best content possible, visually and linguistically.

My blogging journey has been a long one. I started my first blog about four years ago, and I’ve had at least three since then, but this is the first one that’s stuck. Velvet and Vibranium has been in existence for since June 2014, but I’ve only been fully devoted to it since about August 2015. These past few months have been amazing, and my love for blogging has grown to the point where I’d love to make it my full time job. I switched to self-hosting in January this year, and I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait to see where my blog goes, as I work hard to make a success of it.

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